icon_section Basic

Update type – By default, the Update type is set to Regular update to ensure that update files will automatically be downloaded from the ESET server with the least network traffic. Pre-release updates (the Pre-release update option) are updates that have gone through thorough internal testing and will be available to the general public soon. You can benefit from enabling pre-release updates by having access to the most recent detection methods and fixes. However, pre-release updates might not be stable enough at all times and SHOULD NOT be used on production servers and workstations where maximum availability and stability is required. Delayed update allows clients to receive updates with a delay of at least X hours (updates tested in a real environment and therefore considered stable).

Update server list – The Update server is the location where updates are stored.

Set maximum database age automatically – Allows you to set the maximum time (in days) after which the detection engine will be reported as out of date. The default value is 7.

icon_section Rollback

Create snapshots of update files – Creates a detection engine snapshot.

Number of locally stored snapshots – Defines the number of previous virus database snapshots stored.