ESET Virtualization Security - Protected VM policy

ESET Virtualization Security is fully manageable from ERA Web Console. The updates, scanner properties, performance settings are configured in the Admin > Policies section of ERA Web Console. Navigate to Admin > Policies > ESET Virtualization Security Appliance - General - Recommended settings > icon_cogwheel > New and set the product in the Settings section to ESET Virtualization Security - Protected VM. The following settings are available.

icon_section BASIC

Enter a Name for the new policy. The Description field is optional.

icon_section SETTINGS

Select your product ESET Virtualization Security - Security Appliance or ESET Virtualization Security - Protected VM from the drop-down menu.


Select a category in the tree on the left. In the right pane, edit settings as required. Each setting is a rule for which you can set a flag. To make navigation easier, all rules are counted. The number of rules you have defined in a particular section will be displayed automatically. Also, you'll see a number next to a category name in the tree on the left that displays the sum of rules in all its sections.

You can also use these suggestions to make policy editing easier:

ouse icon_plus to set Apply flags to all item in current a section

oClick the Trashcan icon to delete rules

After a Policy is created, you can assign it to a Static or Dynamic Group. There are a two ways to assign a policy in the ERA Web Console:

Under Admin > Policies  select a policy and click Assign Group(s). Select a static or Dynamic Group and click OK.

Click Admin > Groups > Group or click the gear icon_cogwheel icon next to the group name and select Manage Policies.