Virtual Agent Host

Virtual Agent Host is a component of the ESET Remote Administrator product that virtualizes agent entities to allow for the management of agent-less virtual machines. This solution enables vMotion of virtual machines and thereby automation, dynamic group utilization and the same level of task management as ERA Agent for physical computers. The Virtual Agent collects information from virtual machines and sends it to the Server. When the Server sends a task to a virtual machine, the task is sent to the Virtual Agent which then communicates with the virtual machine. All network communications occur between the Virtual Agent and the upper part of the ERA network – Server and Proxy.

The Virtual Agent Host communicates with ESET Virtualization Security, collects information from programs on protected virtual machines and passes configuration information received from the Server to the virtual machine.

With Virtual Agent Host you are able to configure any virtual machine on any host. The virtual machine can then be migrated from one host to another with its own settings in your environment.

The ESET Remote Administrator Agent is not installed on agentless protected machines. These virtual machines use a virtualized vAgent Host and cannot be assigned all of the same tasks as machines with ERA Agent installed.

The following tasks are available on agentless machines:

identification of product components


on-access/on-demand scan and scanner properties



generating reports



For more information see How vAgent Host works.