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There are four ways to install ESET VPN:

Google Play Store—Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device and search for ESET VPN:


App Store—Open the App Store app on your iOS device and search for ESET VPN:


From the email received by ESET—When someone wants you to activate the VPN feature, you receive a mail with the download link and activation code. Open the email, click Download, and activate the VPN.

From ESET HOME—In your ESET HOME account, download the ESET VPN installer or send the installer to another device. To download the ESET VPN on your/your family or friend's device, follow the instructions below:


Visit our Knowledgebase article for visual instructions on assigning the VPN feature to you or someone else via user profile in the ESET HOME.

1.Log in to your ESET HOME account.

2.In the menu, click Security features.

3.Click the VPN feature.

4.Choose the subscription for the VPN feature, and click Continue.


If you have no suitable subscription for the VPN feature, click Manage subscriptions, and you will be redirected to the Subscriptions section.

5.Choose who you want to protect from among the profiles or Add new person, and click Continue.

6.Choose the number of devices you want to protect and click Send instructions.

7.Instructions for VPN activation will be sent to your or someone else's email address. If you activate the VPN feature for someone else, Click Got it, and the VPN status "Setup instructions sent to email." displays under the user profile.


If you activate the VPN feature for yourself, click the Download button, choose your device's operating system, and click Download VPN.


Windows on ARM

Offline installer is available for Windows 10 users with ARM CPU. To determine, if you have an ARM CPU:

1.Press the Windows key + Q on your keyboard.

2.Type About your PC.

3.Your system type is displayed in the Device specifications > System type.

8.In the received email, click the Download VPN button.

9.Install the VPN app and activate the ESET VPN.


Visit our Knowledgebase article for visual instructions to install the ESET VPN on your device.