ESET LiveGuard

ESET LiveGuard is a feature that adds a layer of cloud-based protection specifically designed to mitigate threats that are new in the wild.

When enabled, suspicious samples that are not yet confirmed as malicious and may potentially carry malware are automatically submitted to the ESET cloud. Submitted samples are run in a sandbox and are evaluated by our advanced malware detection engines. Malicious samples or suspicious spam emails are submitted to ESET LiveGrid®. Email attachments are handled separately and are subject to submission to ESET LiveGuard. You can define the scope of files that are submitted and the retention period of the file in the ESET cloud. Documents and PDF files with active content (macros, javascript) are not submitted by default.

ESET LiveGuard can be enabled or disabled in:

Main program window > Setup > Computer protection

Advanced setup (F5) > Detection Engine > Cloud-based Protection

To access advanced settings for ESET LiveGuard, open Advanced setup (F5) > Detection Engine > Cloud-based Protection > ESET LiveGuard.

Action after detection – Sets the action to take if the analyzed sample is evaluated as a threat.

Proactive protection – Allows or blocks the execution of files that are being analyzed by ESET LiveGuard.


If Proactive protection is set to Block execution until receiving the analysis result and you want to unblock the file that is being analyzed, right-click the file and click Unblock file analyzed by ESET LiveGuard.

Maximum wait time for the analysis result (min) – Sets the time after which the analyzed files will be unblocked regardless of whether the analysis has finished.

ESET LiveGuard will inform you about the analysis status using notifications. See the available notifications below:

Notification title


ICON_INFO File blocked due to analysis

The file is blocked by ESET LiveGuard. ESET LiveGuard is analyzing the file to ensure it's safe to use. You can wait or choose one of the following options:

Unblock the file – Unblocks the file, but the analysis continues. You will get a notification about the result. This is not recommended if you are not sure about the file integrity.

Change setup – Opens the Computer protection setup window where you can disable the ESET LiveGuard and its proactive protection.

ICON_INFO File unblocked

The file is no longer blocked. The analysis continues, and you will get a notification about the result. You can open the file.

ICON_CAUTION File still in analysis

ESET LiveGuard needs more time to finish the analysis. You can open the file if needed.

ICON_WARNING Threat removed

ESET LiveGuard has finished the analysis and the file contained a threat. The file has been cleaned.


ESET LiveGuard has finished the analysis, and the file is safe to use.