Encrypted removable drive

Secure Data allows you to create encrypted directories on removable drives. To do so, follow the steps below:

1.Insert the removable drive (USB flash drive, USB hard disk) into the computer.

2.Click Removable drive in the Encrypt data on this computer or removable drive screen.

3.Select the connected removable drive to encrypt and click Continue.


4.Set the desired password to for the encrypted directory on the removable. If you do not want the virtual drive to be automatically decrypted when you log in to your windows account, deselect Decrypt automatically on this Windows account. Click Continue.


5.Your removable drive is protected and the encrypted directory on it is ready to use.

From this time on, if you connect your removable drive to a computer where Secure Data is not installed, the encrypted folder will not be visible. If the removable drive is connected to a computer having Secure Data installed, you will be prompted to enter the password to decrypt the removable drive. If no password is entered, the encrypted folder will be visible, but not accessible.