To use one of the built-in tools in Password Manager, open the main program window, navigate to Menu > Tools and choose your desired tool.


If anything goes wrong, or you accidentally delete important account data, you can roll back your password database. Backup files are regularly created on your computer, you can choose whether to roll back to a specific Backup date / time or to specific Changes made to the database. You can change the location of the backup folder in Settings.

Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard helps defend against keyloggers. If you select the Anti spy check box to enable this feature your keystrokes cannot be tracked. We recommend the use of the virtual keyboard in airports, cafes and other public places. The default keyboard shortcut to launch virtual keyboard is CTRL+ALT+K. You can change this shortcut in Settings.

Password generator

Whenever you create a new password or want to change an existing one, the password generator will generate a complex password that can be saved in Password Manager. You can adjust the length of the password or choose characters to use or exclude in Additional options.

Quick Launch box

Use the quick launch box for fast access to your web or application accounts. Press CTRL+ALT+R to bring up the quick launch box. You can change this shortcut in Settings. Enter a keyword and select your account from the list. Pressing the keyboard shortcut again will hide the launch box.

Import / Export

You can access the import / export feature from the main window or application menu. Import allows you to gather all your passwords and personal data from a backup file, other password managers and applications or supported browsers.

Export allows you to create encrypted backups of your password manager database in .spdb format. You can also create unencrypted files in .xml, .html or .txt format. Please note that these formats are not encrypted and we do not recommend that you use them for passwords or personal data.