Enable password manager

To enable Password Manager, open the main program window, navigate to Setup > Security tools and click the switch next to Password Manager. Wait a moment for the change to take effect and then click start > configure now to start Password Manager.

Set up your password manager account

After enabling password manager in additional security tools, password manager will launch. You can choose to use Existing password storage or create New password storage.

a.Existing password storage

Enter your Email address and Master password to start using your password manager account again.

b.New password storage

Follow the steps below to create new password storage:

1.Enter your Email address as an identifier for your account and create a new Master password.

2.Confirm your master password.

3.Select the browser you want to integrate with password manager. For list of supported browsers, see supported browsers.

4.You will be prompted to add extensions to your browser(s) and/or to close running browser(s).

5.Start by importing or creating accounts and identities.