Add an IDS exception

To add an IDS exception navigate to Advanced setup window > Personal firewall > IDS exceptions and click Add or in main program window Setup > Network protection > Temporary IP address blacklist click Add exception. You can add IDS exceptions from the notification window when attack is detected by clicking on link More info / Create exception.

To add an IDS exception right from the Personal firewall log:

1.Open the Tools pane from program main window.

2.Select the log entry.

3.Right click to open a context menu and select Don't block similar events.

In the IDS Exception window, please select:

Alert – Please choose type of attack that has been prevented from the address (for example TCP Port Scanning attack).

Direction – Which way an exception will apply on connection, Both, In or Out.

Application – Click Browse button to add an application that will be skipped from IDS scanning.

Remote IP address – Click Add IPv4/IPv6 address to add an IP address that will be skipped from IDS scanning.

Action – Choose whether to Block, Notify or Log actions or leave it to Default.

Click OK to add the IDS exception.