Protected websites

The Protected websites window consists of:


Website – Protected website.

Secured browserThe ESET logo will be displayed around the border of your browser during secured browsing.

Ask me – When enabled, a dialog with browsing options will be displayed any time that a protected website is visited. ESET Smart Security Premium can remember your action or you can choose how to proceed manually.

Normal browser – Selecting this option to continue a banking transaction without additional security.

Control elements

Add – Allows you to add a website to the list of known websites.

Edit – Allows you to edit the selected entries.

Remove – Removes selected entries.

ESET Smart Security Premium contains a built-in list of predefined websites that will trigger a protected browser to open. You can add a website or edit the list of websites in the product configuration.

For more details about this feature, read the following ESET Knowledgebase article:
How do I use ESET Banking and Payment protection?