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Notes de mise à jour


Les notes de mise à jour sont uniquement disponibles en anglais.



Server freeze on systems with SAMBA network drives

Activation fails under specific root account configurations

ICAP scanning of Nutanix file storage

Modules directory excluded from RTP scanning due to incorrect permissions



Unexpected errors while using the on-demand scanner

Unexpected freeze or slowdown of a server caused by real-time protection



Auto-updates & New EULA

Support of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Support of RHEL 9

Product tour in Web GUI


Enhancement of product kernel module

Sample delete settings for ESET LiveGuard Advanced

Reporting of non-working services to ESET LiveGrid® by Watchdog

File size limit for offline license upload on Web GUI

Support of SELinux without product specific rules

Redesign of 404 page


Issues while scanning BTRFS volumes

Delay of opening files located on a read-only NFS shares

Issues when triggering a scan from his ESET PROTECT console

On-demand scan remains in "Scanning in progress" state

Performance issues caused by Real-time protection

Performance exclusion malfunction in case of large amount of exclusions


ESET Shared Local cache due to End of Life status