Migration Tool

To see which settings are migrated with the Migration Tool, view our comparison of Migration Assistant and Migration Tool.



The Migration Tool version must match the ESMC version you are going to migrate to. To find out what version of Migration Tool you need, see this Knowledgebase article.

When the ESET Management 7.x Agent is installed on a client using 5.x or earlier endpoint products, the Remote administration setting for that client is automatically changed to localhost / 2225. As a result, the client will no longer connect to your ERA 5.x server after Agent is installed.

Download and run the ESET Remote Administrator Migration Tool.

Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 x86, it is required for Migration Tool to work properly. You can find it in the .zip file containing the Migration Tool.

Run the Migration Tool as Administrator, locally on your old ERA 5.x sever. It is not possible to run Migration Tool from a remote machine.



After the migration, we recommend that you take inventory of items (Computers, Static Groups, Policies, etc.) to make sure that all items were migrated correctly. If you notice discrepancies, you may need to create items manually.

If an error occurs during the migration process, it is written in migration.log file located in the same folder as Migration Tool. If you have read-only access to this folder, a log window will open instead. The same happens if there is not enough disk space; that means the log file is not created and you will only see results in the log window.


The following migration scenarios will guide you through the migration process:

Migration scenario 1 - Migration to ESMC 7.x running on a different computer than ERA 5.x.

Migration scenario 2 - Migration to ESMC 7.x running on the same computer as ERA 5.x.

An alternative migration scenario 3 is for advanced users only - Migration to ESMC 7.x where endpoints connect to old ERA 5.x until the ESET Management Agent is deployed by ESMC 7.x.