Migration Assistant

To see which settings are migrated using the Migration Assistant, view our comparison of Migration Assistant and Migration Tool.

ESMC Server prerequisites

1.To install and configure Microsoft SQL Server Express, the following prerequisites must be met:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 must be installed; you can install it using the Add Roles and Features Wizard (as shown below). The .NET framework is required only for MS SQL Server Express installation.


Java/OpenJDK must be installed.



Starting January 2019, Oracle JAVA SE 8 public updates for business, commercial or production use require a commercial license. If you do not purchase a JAVA SE subscription, you can use this guide to transition to a no-cost alternative and install one of listed supported Java editions.

2.To use an existing MySQL or SQL Server instance, the following prerequisites must be met.

Migration Assistant prerequisites

Make sure all the product licenses located on client computers are included in ERA 5.x. You can verify it with the following ways:

Click the client computer and select Request Data > Request Configuration. Settings from the Endpoint product installed on the client computer will be sent to ERA Server.

Create a new configuration task. Navigate to Update > Profiles > Settings and type your Username and Password.

Navigate to Tools > Server Options, click the Updates tab and type the Update username.


How to migrate data using Migration Assistant



Back up your database before running ESET Migration Assistant.

1.Download the Migration Assistant from the ESET website.

2.During the migration process, the Migration Assistant will automatically download the ESMC All-in-one installer.

Optional step: If you want to use the locally stored ESMC All-in-one installer, follow the steps below:



Migration Assistant does not work if the computer is offline - it verifies local installers against the online repository.

a.Download the ESMC All-in-one installer from ESET website. Select the appropriate package for your environment.

b.Extract the .zip file containing the All-in-one installer.

c.Copy the installers folder located in the All-in-one (x64) folder to the migrationassistant_win32 folder.

3.Navigate to the migrationassistant_win32 folder and run the Migration Assistant application by double-clicking. The ESET Migration Assistant wizard will be displayed.

4.On the Welcome screen, click Next. If necessary, you can adjust the language settings in the Language drop-down menu before proceeding.

5.Accept the EULA and click Next.

6.If you agree with sending crash reports and anonymous telemetry data to ESET, you can select the check box Participate in product improvement program.

7.In Update, the Migration Assistant checks for available updates. We recommend that you always use the latest version of Migration Assistant.


8. In Detection, the Migration Assistant verifies the configuration of the ERA Server. Complete the steps on-screen and follow all recommendations from the Migration Assistant.



The Migration Assistant stops the ERA Server 5.x Service. If you decide to cancel the Migration Assistant, you need to manually start the ERA Server Service.


9. In the Configuration window, you can download a configuration report of ERA 5.x in html format.


10. Review and adjust the configuration of the new ESMC setup. You can follow the Migration Assistant recommendations.


11. In the Deployment type window, select On-Premise installation.



The Migration Assistant support only migration to another Windows server (physical or virtual). Migration Assistant does not support any other deployment options.


12. In the Operating System window, select Microsoft Windows (recommended).


13. In the HTTP Proxy window, select an option for how updates will be downloaded to client computers.


14. Select the check box next to licenses to migrate and click Next.

15. Select the check box next to all policies you want to migrate and click Next.

16. An Installation window will be displayed. In this step, two options are available:

Continue with the installation of ESMC 7.2 on the same computer by clicking Next.

Close the wizard by clicking Close and continue with the installation on a different computer.




To continue on different computer, click Close and then copy the whole migrationassistant_win32 folder to the different computer where ESMC 7.2 will be installed. When you run the Migration Assistant on the target computer, select Continue previous migration.

17. Select a database configuration.


18. The installation wizard will check for the prerequisites that are necessary to install ESMC 7.2.

19. Enter the password for the ESMC Web Console and click Next.

20. During the installation, a new wizard will be displayed to configure ESMC Server settings.

21. After the successful installation of all components, "Migration successful" will be displayed, in addition to your ESMC Web Console URL address. Click the URL to open the Web Console, or click Finish.

Next steps

After a successful migration of ESET Remote Administrator, it is necessary to deploy the ESET Management Agent on the client computers in your network. We recommend that you deploy the ESET Management Agent in the following ways:

Using Active Directory synchronization - The Active Directory synchronization is performed by running Static Group Synchronization task.

Using ESET Remote Deployment tool - this tool allows you to deploy All-in-one packages created in the ESMC Web Console.

Other methods to deploy the ESET Management Agent are described in the ESMC Administration Guide.


A new logs folder is created in the migrationassistant_win32 folder during the migration. The folder contains:

migration log - has information about migration process.

migration_report.html - has the summary of configuration and data that have been migrated.