Installation process



For instructions to upgrade your existing ESMC installation, see Upgrade procedures.

The Installation guide covers many ways to install ESET Security Management Center and is generally intended for enterprise customers. Please refer to the guide for small and medium-sized businesses if you want to install ESET Security Management Center on a Windows platform to manage up to 250 Windows ESET endpoint products.

ESET Security Management Center installers are available in the Download ESET Security Management Center section of the ESET website. Different formats are available to support different install methods. By default, the All-in-one installer tab is selected. Click the appropriate tab to download a VA or a standalone installer. The following downloads are available:

The ESMC All-in-one installer package for Windows in zip format.

An ISO image that contains all ESET Security Management Center installers (except ESMC Virtual Appliances).

Virtual appliances (OVA files). Deployment of the ESMC Virtual Appliance is recommended for users who want to run ESET Security Management Center in a virtualized environment or prefer a more simple installation. See our complete ESMC Virtual Appliance deployment guide for step-by-step instructions.

Individual installers for each component for Windows and Linux platforms.

Additional methods of installation:

Installation on Microsoft Azure

Step-by-step installation instructions for Linux



Do not change the Computer name of your ESMC Server machine after installation. See Change of IP address or hostname on ESMC Server for more information.

Installation methods overview



See also Hardware and infrastructure sizing.

If you wish to decide what kind of ESET Security Management Center installation is suitable for your environment, see the following decision table that will guide you to the best choice:

For example: Do not use a slow Internet connection for ESMC in a cloud.
For example: Choose all-in-one installer if you are an SMB customer.

Installation method


Customer type




Environment for ESMC installation


Internet connection





No server

Dedicated server

Shared server

Virtualization platform

Cloud server




All-in-One on
Windows Server




All-in-One on
Windows Desktop







Virtual Appliance







Microsoft Azure VM









Component Linux





Component Windows