All-in-one installation on Windows

ESET Security Management Center can be installed in a few different ways, choose the type of installation that best suits your needs and environment. The simplest method is to use the ESET Security Management Center All-in-one installer. This method allows you to install ESMC and its components on a single machine.

Component installation allows for the installation of different components of ESET Security Management Center on different machines. This gives you more freedom to customize your installation - you can install each component on any machine you want, provided that it meets system requirements.

You can install ESMC using:

All-in-one package installation of ESMC Server, Apache HTTP Proxy or Mobile Device Connector

Stand-alone installers for ESMC components (component installation)

Custom installation scenarios include:

Installation with Custom certificates

Installation on a Failover Cluster

Many installation scenarios require you to install different ESET Security Management Center components on different machines to accommodate network architectures, meet performance requirements, or for other reasons. The following installation packages are available for individual ESET Security Management Center components:

Core components

ESMC Server

ESMC Web Console - You can install the ESMC Web Console on a different computer than the computer where the ESMC Server is installed.

ESET Management Agent (must be installed on client computers, optional on ESMC Server)

Optional components

RD Sensor

Mobile Device Connector

Apache HTTP Proxy

Mirror Tool

For instructions to upgrade ESET Remote Administrator to the latest version (ESMC 7.2) see our Knowledgebase article.