The ESET Management Agent is an essential part of ESET Security Management Center 7. The name of the component has changed from previous version 6.x (ERA Agent), but the Agent component is still serving the same purpose. The ESET Management Agent is using a new, improved communication protocol.

Clients do not communicate with the ESMC Server directly, rather the Agent facilitates this communication. The Agent collects information from the client and sends it to the ESMC Server. If the ESMC Server sends a task for the client - it is sent to the Agent which then sends this task to the client.

To simplify implementation of the endpoint protection the stand-alone ESET Management Agent is included in the ESMC suite. It is simple, highly modular and lightweight service covering all communication between ESMC Server and any ESET product or operating system. Rather than communicate with the ESMC Server directly, ESET products communicate through the Agent. Client computers that have ESET Management Agent installed and can communicate with the ESMC Server are referred to as 'managed'. You can install the Agent on any computer regardless of whether or not other ESET software has been installed.

The benefits are:

Easy set-up – it is possible to deploy Agent as a part of standard corporate installation.

On-place security management – since the Agent can be configured to store several security scenarios, reaction time to detection is significantly lowered.

Off-line security management – the Agent can respond to an event if it is not connected to the ESMC Server.



The communication protocol between Agent and ESMC Server does not support authentication. Any proxy solution used for forwarding Agent communication to ESMC Server that requires authentication will not work.

If you choose to use a non-default port for the Web Console or Agent, it may require a firewall adjustment. Otherwise, the installation may fail.