Upgrade using the ESMC 7.1 All-in-one installer

Upgrade ERA 6.4, ERA 6.5, or ESMC 7 to the latest ESMC 7.1 using the ESMC 7.1 All-in-one installer.



We recommend this upgrade option if the existing installation was performed via the All-in-one installer.

If you have an older unsupported database installed (MySQL 5.5 or MSSQL 2008), upgrade your database to a compatible database version before upgrading the ESMC Server.

1.Run Setup.exe.

2.Select the language and click Next.

3.Select Upgrade all components and click Next.


4.Read the End-user license agreement, accept it and click Next.

5.Review ESMC components that can be upgraded and click Next.



ESMC Web Console upgrade works only if Apache Tomcat was installed via the All-in-one installer. The ESMC Web Console upgrade is not supported if a custom version of Apache Tomcat is installed (manual installation of the Tomcat service via service.bat).

Apache Tomcat upgrade will delete the era folder located in C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\[ Tomcat folder ]\webapps\. If you use the era folder to store additional data, make sure to backup the data before upgrading.

If C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\[ Tomcat folder ]\webapps\ contains additional data (other than the era and ROOT folders), the Apache Tomcat upgrade will not take place and only the Web Console will be upgraded.


6.Follow the wizard to complete the ESMC upgrade.