Specify the database server and connector you want to use when installing the ESMC Server. In Windows, Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 is installed by default and is a part of the All-in-one installer. You can use an existing Microsoft SQL Server that is running in your environment; however, it must meet the requirements below.

Supported database servers

ESET Security Management Center supports two types of database servers:

Microsoft SQL Server (including Express and non-Express editions) 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019.

MySQL 5.6, 5.7, 8.0.



MariaDB is a default database in most current Linux environments and gets installed when you select to install MySQL.

MariaDB is not supported by ESET Security Management Center!

Supported database connectors

SQL Server: SQL Server, SQL Server Native Client 10.0, ODBC Driver for SQL Server versions 11, 13, 17.

MySQL: ODBC driver 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 (up to 5.3.10), 8.0.16, 8.0.17.



MySQL ODBC driver versions 5.3.11 and later, 8.0.0 – 8.0.15 and 8.0.18 and later are not supported.

Database server hardware requirements

See the hardware and sizing instructions.

Performance recommendations

For the best performance, we recommend that you use the latest supported Microsoft SQL Server as your ESET Security Management Center database. While ESET Security Management Center is compatible with MySQL, using MySQL can negatively impact system performance when working with large amounts of data, including dashboards, detections, and clients. The same hardware with Microsoft SQL Server is capable of handling significantly higher number of clients as with MySQL.

You can decide whether to install an SQL database server on:

The same machine as the ESMC Server

oThe same server but on a separate disk

A dedicated server for installation of an SQL database server.


We recommend that you use a dedicated machine(s) with reserved resources if you wish to manage more than 10,000 clients.


SMB customer

Enterprise customer

Clients limit



MS SQL Express




MS SQL Server





Additional information

The ESMC 7.1 All-in-one installer includes Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014.

Microsoft SQL Server Express has a 10 GB size limit of each relational database. We do not recommend using Microsoft SQL Server Express in Enterprise environments or in large networks.

We recommend that you do not install SQL Server on a Domain Controller (for example, if you are using Windows SBS / Essentials). We recommend that you install ESET Security Management Center on a different server or do not select the SQL Server Express component during installation (this requires you to use your existing SQL or MySQL Server to run the ESMC database).

If you intend to use a dedicated database user account that will only have access to the ESMC database, you must create a user account with specific privileges before installation. For more information, see Dedicated database user account. Additionally, you will need to create an empty database that will be used by ESET Security Management Center.

See the instructions to install and configure MySQL for Windows and MySQL for Linux to work properly with ESET Security Management Center.

MS SQL Server on Linux is not supported. However, you can connect the ESMC Server on Linux to MS SQL Server on Windows.

If you install the ESMC Server and MS SQL Server on separate computers, you can enable encrypted connection to the database.

ESMC Server does not use an integrated backup. We strongly recommend that you back up your database server to prevent data loss.

The cluster setup of the database on Windows environments is supported only for the MS SQL Server, not for MySQL.