Squid installation on Windows and HTTP proxy cache

Squid is an alternative to Apache HTTP Proxy. To install Squid on Windows, follow these steps:

1.Download Squid MSI installer and install Squid.

2.Click Squid for Windows icon in the tray menu and select Stop Squid Service.

3.Navigate to the Squid installation folder, for example C:\Squid\bin and run the following command from command line:

squid.exe -z -F

This creates the swap directories for cache.

4.Click the Squid for Windows icon in the system tray menu and select Open Squid Configuration.

5.Replace http_access deny all with http_access allow all.

6.Enable disk caching by adding this line:

cache_dir aufs /cygdrive/c/Squid/var/cache 3000 16 256


You can change the location of the cache directory based on your preferences. In the example, the cache directory is located in C:\Squid\var\cache (note the path format in the command).

You can change the total cache size (3000 MB in the example) and the number of first-level sub-directories (16 in the example) and second-level sub-directories (256 in the example) in the cache directory.

7.Save and close Squid configuration file squid.cofn.

8.Click the Squid for Windows icon in the tray menu and select Start Squid Service.

9.You can verify that the Squid service is running in the services.msc snap-in (look for Squid for Windows).