New features

The major changes in version 7.0:

New replication protocol for ESET Management Agent. The new protocol allows for the usage of third-party proxy services, like Apache HTTP Proxy to forward communications. How to migrate from ERA Proxy to Apache HTTP Proxy

New technology for Wake-Up call, ESET Push Notification Service.

Support for VDI environments - Hardware fingerprint detection allows you to quickly resolve conflicts between cloned computers.

Hardware Inventory - ESET Management Agent collects information about installed hardware from Windows, macOS and Linux systems.

Support for new ESET products:

oESET Dynamic Threat Defense

oESET Enterprise Inspector

oEnhanced ransomware protection (Ransomware Shield) on Endpoints v. 7+

Major Web Console redesign:

oA new main menu, polished user interface, new icons, redesigned Quick links and Help links.

oProactive notifications when a new version of ESMC Server is available.

oNew Overview dashboard with one-click navigation and RSS feed (WeLiveSecurity and ESET product release news) integration.

oNew Incidents Overview dashboard with one-click navigation to threats.

oESET Endpoint Encryption (Deslock) and Safetica are now reported as ESET Products. Safetica agent can be deployed using the ESMC repository.

oWizard elements have a new layout.

oEnhanced filtering options in Computers.

oImproved wizard for removing devices from management.

oNew Deploy Agent screen with a simple overview of deployment options.

oAll-in-one installer now allows you to select Agent only when creating a new package.

oA new Show Details feature with clickable tile elements displays information about dynamic groups and device hardware details.

oOne-click actions are available to resolve many types of actions such as activation, reboot, OS update and protection issues.

oNew interactive questions (blue flags) related to potential cloning/duplication/hardware change issues.

oImproved threat management:

handled threats are automatically marked as resolved

one-click scan with cleaning is now available

the addition of a threat as exclusion into policy

improved filtering of threats

ability to manually submit a file to ESET Dynamic Threat Defense.

oNew Report layout of  with one-click report generation; new report template categories added for ESET Enterprise Inspector, ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, Hardware Inventory, cloning detection.

oTwo new Client Tasks - Diagnostics and Send File to EDTD.

oPolicies include the possibility to allow local lists (policy exclusions/rules configured locally).

oOption to synchronize Computer Users directly via Active Directory.

oRedesigned Notifications with new default notification templates, and the ability to edit multiple notifications at once. Notifications can be created for new event types with advanced filtering options.

oMore > Submitted Files - A new section with details about what files were submitted to ESET LiveGrid® and ESET Dynamic Threat Defense.

oSupport for subscription licenses; a better tooltip showing the actual license usage; redesigned Add License wizard with support for the ESET Business Account  and one-click product activation.

oAbility to define database cleanup for different types of logs in More > Server Settings.

Mobile Device Connector is more robust and secure.