What is new in ESET Security Management Center 7.0


ERA 6.x

ESET Security Management Center 7


Web Console (browser-based).

Web console (browser-based) with major redesign of the main menu, wizard layout, icons, one-click actions. ESMC Web Console requires Java/OpenJDK.


Server, Web Console (web interface, Java and Apache Tomcat needed on server side), Agent, Proxy, Rogue Detection Sensor, Mobile Device Connector, Apache HTTP Proxy for update caching.

ERA Proxy has been removed. Apache HTTP Proxy now provides update caching and  forwards communication with ESET Management Agents.

How to migrate from ERA Proxy to Apache HTTP Proxy?


Connection to  a single server database.

Ability to connect to a high availability database in a Failover Cluster and named instances.


Notifications can be delivered via SNMP Trap, email and Syslog.

New editable notification texts using variables. New notifications for cloned computers and VDI environments.

Ransomware Shield

Reporting of Ransomware is not available in ERA 6.x.

Ransomware Threats are reported (as HIPS threats) from version 7 and later ESET business products.

ESET Dynamic Threat Defense

ESET Dynamic Threat Defense integration is not available in ERA 6.x.

ESET Dynamic Threat Defense integration is available with ESET version 7 business products - you can send files to ESET Dynamic Threat Defense for analysis, view file details and the results of malware analysis. You can also view a list all files submitted to ESET servers.

Hardware inventory management

Only basic hardware information is available in computer details.

Comprehensive information about the hardware of connected devices is now available. You can create custom hardware inventory reports and custom dynamic groups based on the hardware inventory details of connected devices.

A hardware fingerprint is created for each computer with a supported OS. The fingerprint is used to identify computers after cloning.

Virtualized Environments

Support for most hypervisors; limited support for virtualized environments (Reset Cloned Agent task).

Support for VDI environments, automatic detection of computer cloning and hardware changes. Systems with non-persistent disk are supported.


Local and remote deployment options.

Ability to create All-in-one installers in the Web Console which includes only ESET Management  Agent.

Replication protocol

ERA Agents required ERA Proxy to aggregate and forward the connection to the Server on larger sites.

ESET Management Agents use an enhanced communication protocol that does not require aggregation and can be forwarded using 3rd party proxy solutions.

ESET Enterprise Inspector integration

ERA 6.5 displays threats reported by ESET Enterprise Inspector.

You can resolve threats from ESET Enterprise Inspector directly from ESMC Web Console. Single-sign on between EEI and ESMC is available.

Mobile Device Connector

ERA 6.5 MDM allows enrollment for Android, iOS and iOS DEP. Computer details screen for mobile devices is similar  to Computer details screen for client computers.

ESET Security Management Center MDM 7 allows Android Device Owner enrollment, which elevates the management privileges of ESET products. The computer details screen for mobile devices is different from the Computer details screen for managed computers.