Client connection interval

60 seconds is the default replication interval of the ESET Management Agent. This value should be adjusted based on the size of your infrastructure by using policies after you install ESET Security Management Center and deploy ESET Management Agents and ESET endpoint products to client machines.

1.Navigate to the Policies in ESMC Web Console.

2.Create or edit an existing policy for ESET Management Agent.


You can use existing pre-defined policies, for example the Connection - Connect every 20 minutes policy.

3.Click the policy you want to modify and then click Policies > Edit.

4.In the Settings > Connection section, click Change interval next to Connection interval and set to a desired value.

5.Click Save > Finish to submit your changes.

6.Assign the policy to all your Agents.

For more information please read our ESET Knowledgebase article or refer to the Administration guide.