Change the ESMC Server IP address or hostname after migration

To change an IP address or hostname on your ESMC Server, follow these steps:

1.If your ESMC Server certificate contains a specific IP address and/or hostname, create a new Server certificate and include the new IP address or hostname you are switching to. However, if you have a wildcard * in the host field of the Server certificate, skip to step 2. If not, create new Server certificate adding the new IP address and host name separated by a comma and include the previous IP address and hostname as well.

2.Sign the new Server certificate using your ESMC Server Certification Authority.

3.Create a policy changing the client connections to the new IP address or hostname (preferably the IP address), but include a second (alternative) connection to the old IP address or hostname to give the ESET Management Agent a chance to connect to both servers. For more details, see Create policy for ESET Management Agents to connect to the new ESMC Server.

4.Apply this policy to your client computers and allow the ESET Management Agents to replicate. Even though the policy will redirect clients to your new server (which is not running), the ESET Management Agents will use the alternative Server information to connect to the original IP address.

5.Set your new Server certificate in Server settings.

6.Restart the ESMC Server service and change the IP address or hostname.

See our Knowledgebase article for illustrated instructions to change the ESMC Server address.