ESET Security Management Center is a new generation of remote management system that differs significantly from previous versions of ERA. Since the architecture is completely different, ESET Security Management Center 7 is only partially compatible with ERA 6 and there is no backward compatibility with ERA 5. However, compatibility with previous versions of ESET security products remains.

Together with new ESET Security Management Center, ESET has developed a new generation of security products with a new licensing system.

To perform a complete deployment of the ESET security solutions portfolio, the following components must be installed (Windows and Linux platforms):

ESMC Server

ESMC Web Console

ESET Management Agent

The following supporting components are optional, we recommend that you install them for best performance of the application on the network:


RD Sensor

Apache HTTP Proxy

Mobile Device Connector


ESMC components use certificates to communicate with ESMC Server. Read more about certificates in ESMC in our Knowledgebase article.