ESMC Virtual Appliance Management Console

After you have successfully deployed the ESMC VA, open Virtual Machine's terminal window. You'll see a basic information screen of your ESMC VA and its status. This is the main ESMC VA screen. From here, you can log into ESMC VA Management Console (also known as management mode) by pressing Enter key on your keyboard. To enter the management mode, type your password that you specified during ESMC VA configuration and press Enter twice. In case you have not configured your ESMC VA yet, you can use default password eraadmin to access management mode.

Once you are logged into ESMC VA Management Console, the following configuration/management items are available:

Set Static IP address

Enable/Disable remote access

Backup database

Restore database

Reset after snapshot revert

Pull database from other server

Change VM password

Change database password

Rejoin domain

Configure domain

Factory reset



Presence of the items above may vary depending on ESMC VA implementation phase and configured Appliance type.

Restart system - if you want to reboot your ESMC VA

Shut down system - if you want to shut down your ESMC VA

Lock screen - you should lock the screen to prevent other people from using your ESMC VA and accessing its files. You can also use an Esc key to lock the screen which is even quicker. Management mode will close and you'll see the main ESMC VA screen.

Exit to terminal - use it if you want to access operating system's terminal. It closes ESMC VA Appliance Management Console and enters the terminal. In order to get from the terminal back to the main ESMC VA screen, type exit and press Enter key (you can also use logout command which has the same effect).