How to use Proxy for Agents' connections

The new communication protocol

ESET Management Agents version 7 use a new communication protocol. The protocol is partially compatible with the older ERA 6.x protocol:

ERA 6.x Agents can connect to the ESMC 7 server, also via ERA Proxy.

ESET Management Agents version 7 can not connect via ERA 6.x Proxy.

ESET Management Agents version 7 can not connect to ERA 6.x Server.

You can forward ESET Management Agent - ESMC 7 Server communication via Apache HTTP Proxy.

Connecting the ESET Management Agents

To setup the ESET Management Agents to use a proxy in communication with ESMC Server, change the agent policy. You can select a separate proxy machine for forwarding and caching if needed. Follow the steps below or see the detailed guide.

1.Log in to the ESMC Web Console.

2.Click PoliciesNew Policy.

3.Type a Name and optional Description for your new policy in the appropriate fields.

4.Click Settings and select ESET Management Agent from the drop-down menu.

5.Expand Advanced Settings, under HTTP Proxy select one of the following options:

a.Global Proxy - If you want to use the proxy server for both the Agent replication

b.Different Proxy Per Service - If you want to use one proxy for Agent replication and another for caching of ESET services (for example, updates).

6.Click Edit next to the selected type of proxy.

7.Click the slider bar next to Use proxy server and then type the IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server where Apache HTTP proxy is installed in the Host field. Do not fill in Username and password when setting up the Replication or Global proxy.

8.Click the slider bar next to Use direct connection if HTTP proxy is not available to allow this fallback option.

9.Click Save.

10.Click Finish.

11.Select the policy that you just created and click Assign Group(s).

12.Select the checkbox next to All (or next to each group that should receive updates from Apache HTTP Proxy) and click OK.


Migration of ERA 6.x Proxy

For migration from ERA 6.x to ESMC follow the proxy migration guidelines. If you are upgrading an existing environment that currently uses the ERA 6.x Proxy component, follow one of the following articles:

ERA Proxy installed on Windows

ERA Proxy installed on Windows (Knowledgebase article with more detailed instructions)

ERA Proxy deployed as Virtual Appliance (Knowledgebase article)

Linux instructions for Apache HTTP Proxy installation.