Update ESMC

ESET Security Management Center Server regularly checks for available updates to ESMC infrastructure.

When an update is available, a popup window appears:


You can read about the changes in the available ESMC update by clicking read a changelog.

If you do not select to update, you can display the update popup window by clicking Help > Update Product:




Only the users who can run Security Management Center Components Upgrade client task can see the update notification.

1.Click the Open Certification Authorities button and back up all your CAs.

2.Click the Open Peer Certificates button and back up all your certificates.

3.Click the Open Documentation button and back up the ESMC database.

4.Click the Update button. An update of your ESMC Server is scheduled - in Tasks you can find a new client task that upgrades ESMC components on the computer where ESMC Server is installed. To update other ESMC components on the devices connected to ESMC Server to the latest version, you can trigger Security Management Center Components Upgrade task directly from the update popup window.