Access Rights

Access rights let you manage ESMC Web Console users and their permissions. There are two user types:

Native Users - User accounts created and managed from the ESMC Web Console.

Mapped Domain Security Groups - User accounts managed and authenticated by Active Directory.

Optionally, you can set up Two-Factor Authentication for Native Users and Mapped Domain Security Groups.  This will increase security when logging into and accessing ESMC Web Console.

Access to items from either category must be granted (using Permission Sets) to every ESMC Web Console user.



The administrator native user whose home group is All has access to everything. We do not recommend using this account on a regular basis. We strongly advise that you create another 'admin' account or use Administrators from Mapped Domain Security Groups with the Administrator Permission Set assigned to them. This way you have a fallback should anything happen to the admin account. Also, you can create additional accounts with narrower access rights based on your desired competences. Use the default administrator account only as a backup option.

Users are managed in the users area of the More section. Permission sets define the level of access to different items for different users. See the list of all access rights and their functions for more details.

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