Using Safetica software

What is Safetica

Safetica is a third-party software company and a member of the ESET Technology Alliance. Safetica provides an IT security solution for Data Loss Prevention and is complementary to ESET security solutions. Primary Safetica software features include:

Data loss prevention - monitoring of all hard drives, USB drives, network file transfers, emails and printers as well as application file access

Reporting and activity blocking - for file operations, websites, emails, instant messaging, application usage and searched keywords


How Safetica works

Safetica deploys an Agent (Safetica Endpoint Client) to your desired endpoints and maintains a regular connection with them through the server (Safetica Management Service). This server builds a database of workstation activity and distributes new data protection policies and regulations to each workstation.

You can also install Safetica Agent with Client Task - Run Command:

msiexec /i safetica_agent.msi STSERVER=Server_name

Where "Server_name" is the Hostname / IP address of the server where Safetica Management Service is installed.

You can use the /silent parameter at the end of the command to run the installation remotely and in a "silent" mode.  e.g. msiexec /i safetica_agent.msi STSERVER=Server_name /silent

To install with the client task- Run Command method, the .msi package must be already present on the device. To run the installation task for .msi packages in a shared location, specify the location in the command as follows: msiexec /i Z:\sharedLocation\safetica_agent.msi STSERVER=Server_name

Safetica integration in ESMC

ESET Management Agent detects and reports Safetica software as ESET software in Computer details > Installed Applications. ESMC Web Console will update Safetica Agent if there is a new version available. Safetica Agent can also be updated directly from the ESMC Web Console from the ESET software repository.