Offline activation

You can use a license file from the ESET Business Account portal to activate ESMC and other ESET security products. Each offline license file is generated only for one product, e.g. ESET Endpoint Security. Offline license shall be used only for clients that will never have access to ESET License servers (even if a client is connected to internet via proxy with access limited only to ESET services, do not use offline license). It is not possible to create an offline license file from a subscription license.

To replace an existing offline license, you have to

1.Remove the old license in ESMC and license file in ESET Business Account.

2.Create new offline license in ESET Business Account.

3.Import the new license to ESMC

4.Reactivate products with the new license.


validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

Only Administrators whose home group is set to All, with Write permission for licenses in the home group can add or remove licenses. Each license is identified by its Public ID and can contain one or more units. Licenses can only be distributed by the Administrator to other users with sufficient permissions. A license is not reducible.

Offline license file

To create and import an offline license file, follow this procedure:

1.Copy a specific License File Token.


2.Log in to your ESET Business Account where you have imported your license.

3.Select the license you want to export and select Create offline files.

4.Select a product for this license file, enter the Name of the file and its Units count (number of seats exported to the license file).

5.Select the check box next to Allow management with ESET management console and enter the ESET management console token (License File Token from ESMC).


6.Click Generate.


To download the file follow this procedure:

1.Select the license and click Show details.

2.Select the tab Offline files.

3.Click the license file you have created, you can distinguish it by name and select Download.

Go back to ESMC License Management, select Browse for the offline license file you've exported in EBA, click Upload and then click Add licenses.


A list of licenses will be displayed by category (activated by) icon_license_ownerLicense Key, icon_offline_license Offline license or mn_icn_user_normal EBA.


Licenses can be distributed to ESET security products from ESMC using two tasks:

The Software installation task

The Product activation task