Using RD Sensor

If you are not using AD synchronization, the easiest way to add a computer into the ESMC structure is to use RD Sensor. The RD Sensor component is part of the installation bundle. In Reports, go to section Computers and select the Rogue computers report and click Generate.


The Rogue computers report lists computers found by the RD Sensor. Computers can be added by clicking the computer you want to Add, or you can Add all displayed items.


If you are adding a single computer, you can use a preset name or specify your own (this is a display name that will be used in ESMC Web Console only, not an actual host name). You can also add a description if you want to. If this computer already exists in your ESMC directory, you will be notified and can decide what to do with the duplicate. The available options are: Deploy Agent, Skip, Retry, Move, Duplicate or Cancel. Once the computer is added, a pop-up window will open with an option to Deploy Agent.

If you click Add all displayed items a list of computers to be added will be displayed. Click delete_default next to the name of a specific computer if you do not want to include it in your ESMC directory at this time. When you are finished removing computers from the list, click Add. After clicking Add, select the action to take when a duplicate is found (allow for a slight delay depending on the number of computers in your list): Skip, Retry, Move, Duplicate or Cancel. Once you have selected an option, a pop-up window opens with an option to Deploy Agents on those computers.


The results of the RD Sensor scan are written to a log file called detectedMachines.log. It contains a list of discovered computers on your network. You can find the detectedMachines.log file here:

C:\ProgramData\ESET\Rogue Detection Sensor\Logs\detectedMachines.log