Create an all-in-one Agent installer

The procedure of creating an all-in-one installer (including ESET Management Agent and an ESET product) package is similar to the Startup Wizard; however the all-in-one installer gives you advanced configuration options. These options include Policy settings for ESET Management Agent and ESET products, the ESMC Server Hostname and Port, and the ability to select a Parent Group.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

The installer package is an .exe file and is only valid for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Click Other Deployment Options in the Quick Links section of the menu bar. In the Deploy Agent window, click Create installer under Create all-in-one Installer (Windows only). The Create all-in-one installer window will open.

Package creation

Deselect the check box Participate in product improvement program if you do not agree to send crash reports and telemetry data to ESET. If the check box is left selected, telemetry data and crash reports will be sent to ESET.

Package contents - Select one of the following options:

Security product + Agent - Include the ESET Security product with the ESET Management Agent. Select this option if the client computer does not have an ESET Security product installed and you want to install it with the ESET Management Agent.

Product - Expand this section to choose an installation file from the list of available ESET products. If you choose version 6.3 or earlier, automatic product activation will not work—you'll have to activate the product later. ESET products version 6.4 or later will automatically be activated during installation.

Select the check box I accept the terms of the application End User License Agreement and acknowledge the Privacy Policy. See License Management or EULA for more information.


If you do not see any product installation files, make sure you have the repository set to AUTOSELECT. For more information, see the Advanced settings section of Server settings.

Language - Select a supported language for the installer from the drop-down menu.

License (Optional) - Use this option to add a license using one of the methods described in License Management. If you already have existing licenses in License Management, choose the license that will be used to activate your ESET product during installation. If you do not choose a license, you can create an installer without it and activate the product later.


Agent only - Include only the ESET Management Agent. Select this option if you want to install the ESET Security product on the client computer later, or if the client computer already has an ESET security product installed.


A Peer Certificate and ESMC Certification Authority are chosen automatically based on the available certificates. If you want to use a different certificate than the one automatically selected, click ESMC Certificate to see a list of available certificates and then select the one you want to use. If you want to use your own Custom certificate, click the radio button and upload a .pfx certificate file. See Custom certificates with ESMC for further instructions.

Enter your Certificate passphrase if needed. For example, if you have specified the passphrase during the installation of ESMC, or if you are using a Custom certificate with a passphrase. Otherwise, leave the Certificate passphrase field blank.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

The certificate passphrase must not contain the following characters: " \ These characters cause critical errors during the initialization of the Agent.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

Be aware that it is possible to extract the Certificate passphrase because it is embedded in the .exe file.


In this section, you can customize the all-in-one installer package:

1.You have the option to change the Name and enter a Description for the package installer.

2.Parent group (optional) - Select the Parent group where the computer will be placed after installation. If you want to create a new Parent Static group, click New Static group and use the wizard. The newly created group will be automatically selected.

3.ESET AV Remover will help you uninstall or completely remove other antivirus programs. Select the check box if you want to use it.

4.Initial installer configuration - Here you can choose from the two configuration types:

oDo not configure - Only the policies that are merged to a Parent Static group will be applied.

oSelect configuration from the list of policies - Use this option if you want to apply a configuration policy to ESET Management Agent and/or your ESET product. Click Select and choose from the list of available policies. If none of the predefined policies are suitable, you can create a new policy or customize your existing policy. When you try selecting the policy again, your new policy will appear in the list.

5.If necessary, you can specify your ESMC Server Hostname and Port number. Otherwise, leave the default values unchanged.

6.Click Finish. The all-in-one installation package files will be generated for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Click the desired version to  download it. Once the download completes you will be prompted to choose the location where the file is stored (for example, ESMC_Installer_x86_en_US.exe or ESMC_Installer_x64_en_US.exe). Click Save file.

7. Run the all-in-one installation package file on a client computer. For step-by-step instructions, see setup wizard in the installer manual.