After ESET Security Management Center has been successfully installed, it is necessary to deploy the ESET Management Agent on the client computers in your network. This section describes all the methods available to you for deploying ESET Management Agent. ESET Management Agent is very important because the ESET security products running on client computers communicate with ESMC Server exclusively through the Agent.

After the successful installation of ESET Security Management Center and ESET Security Management Center initial configuration deployment consists of following steps:

1.Add client computers to the ESMC group structure. It is necessary to deploy the ESET Management Agent and ESET Endpoint product to the computers in the network.

2.Agent deployment process - you can choose from Local deployment or Remote deployment.

3.Create a policy to apply your custom settings - this policy will be enforced by the Agent as soon as the software is installed. See step 4 for details.

4.ESET Endpoint protection deployment - allows you to use the software install task to install ESET security products.


If you experience any issues when deploying the ESET Management Agent remotely (the Server task Agent deployment fails) see the following ESET resources:

Troubleshooting - Agent deployment

Troubleshooting - Agent connection

Example scenarios of ESET Management Agent deployment