ESET Push Notification Service

ESET Push Notification Service (EPNS) sends Wake-Up calls between ESMC Server and ESET Management version 7 Agents. The call is triggered by a Web Console user. Each Wake-Up call also sends a Wake on LAN call. You can set up multicast addresses for Wake on LAN in Server Settings. This type of solution, when the Wake-Up calls are processed by third component outside of user's local network, is more universal and standard for cloud solutions.

Machines running Windows XP are not able to connect to the EPNS and receive Wake Up calls.

Connection details

To configure your local network to allow communication with EPNS. Both, ESET Management Agent and ESMC Server need to be able to connect the EPNS server. If you can not provide connection with EPNS for your Agents, no other functionality beside Wake-Up calls is affected.


Connection details

Transport security



MQTT (machine-to-machine connectivity protocol)


primary: 8883

failover: 443

Host address

Proxy compatibility

An HTTP Proxy cannot forward the MQTT protocol.


Compatibility with ERA 6.x

ERA used a UDP connection to send Wake-Up calls.

ERA 6.x Agents can only receive Wake-Up calls via UDP.

ESET Management Agents can only receive Wake-Up calls via EPNS.

Agents are therefore not cross-compatible with newer or older versions of ESET Security Management Center server.


Make sure your firewall is set to allow the connection to EPNS, see the details above.

Make sure both Agent and Server can connect directly to the EPNS server.