New Dynamic Group Wizard

To create a new Dynamic Group click the gear_icon next to the Dynamic Group name and then click New Dynamic Group. Alternatively, the New Dynamic Group is accessible from More > Groups. Select a group (in the Groups pane) and click Group at the bottom. Follow the Dynamic Group wizard afterward.



New Dynamic Group Wizard

1.Enter a name and description for the new template.

2.You can change the parent group by clicking Change Parent Group.


3.Click Template.

If you want to create the group from pre-defined template, or from a template you have already created, click Choose existing and select the appropriate template from the list.

If you have not created any templates and none of the pre-defined templates in the list suit you, click New and follow the steps to create a new template.


Every Dynamic Group is created from a Template that defines how the group filters client computers. Unlimited number of Dynamic Groups can be created from one template.


A template is a static object stored in a Static group. Users must have appropriate permissions to access templates. A user needs access permissions to be able to work with Dynamic Group templates. All pre-defined templates are located in the static group All and are by default available only to the Administrator. Other users need to be assigned additional permissions. As a result, users may be unable to see or use default templates. The templates can be moved to a group where the users have permissions.

To duplicate a template, the user must be assigned write permissions (for Dynamic Group templates) for the group where the source template is located, and for the user's home group (where the duplicate will be stored). See suggestion for improvement inside the example.

4.Click Summary. The new group will appear under the parent Group.