Introduction to ESET SysInspector

ESET SysInspector is an application that thoroughly inspects your computer and displays gathered data in a comprehensive way. Information like installed drivers and applications, network connections or important registry entries can help you to investigate suspicious system behavior be it due to software or hardware incompatibility or malware infection.

You can access ESET SysInspector two ways:

1.From the integrated version in Windows ESET Security solutions.

2.By downloading the standalone version (SysInspector_nt64_enu.exe) for free.

Both versions are identical in function and have the same program controls. The only difference is how outputs are managed. The standalone and integrated versions each allow you to export system snapshots to an .xml file and save them to disk. However, the integrated version also allows you to store your system snapshots directly in Tools > ESET SysInspector.

ESET SysInspector is as part of several ESET products like ESET Internet Security or ESET Endpoint Security.

Please allow some time while ESET SysInspector scans your computer. It may take anywhere from 10 seconds up to a few minutes depending on your hardware configuration, operating system and the number of applications installed on your computer.