Antivirus and antispyware

Action to take if cleaning not possible

Select what action should be taken when an infected file is found and cleaning is not possible (Delete is not considered cleaning):

No action - No changes are made, files will be uploaded/downloaded.

Delete - The file is deleted from the database. If an error occurs during deletion, the error is written into the database scan log. This option is not available when ThreatSense engine parameter cleaning level is set to No cleaning.

Quarantine infected files

When enabled, files that are marked for deletion will be put into quarantine. Allows you to disable quarantine so that a lot of files are not accumulating in quarantine. For instance, if partition, on which the quarantine is located, is too small and could potentially get clogged up. But the quarantine should not usually be disabled. This option affects quarantine policy for both cleanable and non-cleanable files. The use of quarantine does not have an effect on rules.

To modify scan parameters for On-demand database scan.

Reporting is performed by detection engine and the machine learning component.