Scheduler can be found in the Tools section of the main program window. Scheduler manages and launches scheduled tasks according to defined parameters.

Scheduler contains a list of all scheduled tasks in the form of a table which shows their parameters such as Task type, task Name, Launch time and Last run. For more details, double-click a task to see its Scheduled task overview. After the installation, there is a set of predefined tasks. You can also create new scheduled tasks by clicking Add task.

When you right-click a task, you can choose an action to perform. Available actions are:

Show task details

Run now




Use the check box next a task to activate/deactivate it. To edit the configuration of an existing scheduled task, right‑click the task and click Edit... or select the task you want to modify and click the Edit button.


The default (predefined) scheduled tasks are:

Log maintenance

Regular automatic update

Automatic update after dial‑up connection

Automatic update after user logon (this task is not activated be default)

Automatic startup file check (after user logon)

Automatic startup file check (after successful update of the virus signature database)

Automatic first scan

Regular database scan