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Remote Installation via ESET PROTECT

To install ESA components via ESET PROTECT:

1.Log in to the ESET PROTECT Web Console, navigate to More > License Management, and make sure an ESET Secure Authentication license is imported. See License Management for more information.

2.Navigate to Tasks, click New, and select Client Task.

3.In the Basic section, name the task, select Software Install from the Tasks drop-down menu and click Continue.

4.Click Choose ESET License, select ESET Secure Authentication, and click Ok.

5.Click Choose package, select ESET Secure Authentication, and click Ok.

6.Select the I accept the terms of the application End User License Agreement and acknowledge the Privacy Policy check box.

7.In the Installation Parameters, define the .MSI arguments to install the desired ESA components.

8.Click Continue, then click Finish.


Examples of using ESA .MSI arguments when deploying ESA components through ESET PROTECT

Example - Install Windows Login and Remote Desktop (Standalone mode)


Example - Install Windows Login and Remote Desktop as a no domain admin user (Active Directory Integration mode)

ADDLOCAL="Win_Credential_Provider,Credential_Provider" NO_DOMAIN_ADMIN_MODE=1

Do not forget to add the computer(s) to EsaServices manually.