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License Overview

Your ESA license has three parameters:

License Validity


OTP SMS Credits

The details of the license are obtained from the ESET Licensing system, and the ESA system automatically checks for license validity.

The ESA Provisioning server may perform license enforcement by limiting SMS OTPs and user provisioning. In addition, the ESA authentication server performs license enforcement by limiting user management actions and (in extreme cases) disabling user authentication.

Warnings are communicated to the ESA Administrator in the Dashboard section of ESA Web Console.

The full license state is displayed in the License tile. This will include the overall state of the license as well as the details of usage (user numbers, remaining SMS credits, remaining license days).

ESA does not count the number of computers installed but the number of 2FA users. Customers can use ESA 2FA on various devices/integrations. For example, a user can use desktop logins, windows logins, Outlook Web Access, and others, which are still counted as one license unit.

Separate from USERs are OTP SMS license units, which are not mandatory, and not all customers use them. Customers using ESA OTP SMS as a 2FA method must buy a separate OTP SMS license and add it to their EBA/ESET PROTECT HUB account.