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License States

The full license state is displayed in the License tile in the Dashboard screen of ESA Web Console. Review the following ESA server license states:

OK: All license parameters are within the prescribed limits

Warning: At least one license parameter is close to the allowed limit

SMS Credits Expired: SMS credits have run out and no OTP or Provisioning SMSes will be sent.

Violation (full functionality): One of the licensed parameters has exceeded allowed limits, but no enforcement is imposed

Violation (limited functionality): A license parameter has been exceeded for more than 7 days, certain user management functions are disabled

ESA Disabled: The ESA license expiry date has passed more than 30 days ago and authentication is disabled. In this case all authentication calls will fail, will lock out all authentication until ESA is uninstalled, disabled by the admin or re-licensed.

Details of License States

The following table summarizes how each of the license parameters may cause the license to be in one of the warning or error states listed above.



SMS Credits depleted

Violation (full functionality)

Violation (limited functionality)

ESA Disabled

License Expiry

less than 30 days before expiration


No more than 7 days after expiration

more than 7 days after expiration

more than 30 days after expiration

User count

less than 10% or 10 seats available, whichever is lowest


Active users exceed licensed users

more than 7 days after active users exceed license


SMS Credits

less than 10 SMS credits remaining (Onboarding + Top-up)

0 SMS credits remain