Release notes


Fixed: After upgrading, license usage is duplicated under some circumstances

Fixed: “Network error 500” is displayed in Web Console under some circumstances

Fixed: Offline OTPs authentication does not work in Windows Logins

Fixed: Users are logged out from Web Console after 2 minutes

Fixed: Realms for domain users duplicated

Fixed: Reporting engine installation is corrupted due to 2GB memory limit

Fixed: Reporting engine fails to install when special characters are used

Fixed: API - Authentication methods without realm do not work

Fixed: Push authentication does not work after self-enrollment and mobile number change

Fixed: Reactivation fails when reactivating from User+SMS site to User-only site

Fixed: Reactivation from offline file to online does not move the user consume

Fixed: Offline behavior for windows login can`t be changed from MMC

Fixed: Not possible to upgrade ESA core if installed together with reporting engine via MSI



Added: Integration with ESET's core licensing model

Added: Support for self-enrollment of users

Added: Support for time-based tokens via ESA mobile app

Added: Support for third-party tokens (all OATH compliant HOTP/TOTP)

Added: Reports

Added: Whitelisting per feature

Added: FIDO support



Added: Support for time-based hardware tokens (PSKC)

Fixed: List of users does not reload when the login session expires

Fixed: Web console does not display correct user lists when switching to another web console section

Fixed: Upgrade using MSI fails in standalone mode

Fixed: Remote Desktop Web Access component is not visible in the web console when installed together with core

Fixed: Second factor is requested while accessing "Options" tab in Exchange 2013

Fixed: MMC error displays when large amount of RDP/Windows login components are registered

Fixed: Creation of authentication server service account sometimes fails due to insufficient password complexity

Fixed: RADIUS-specific realm does not send realm name in push message

Fixed: Issues with long expiration dates when importing hard tokens



Added: Whitelist IP per feature

Added: Switch off Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Web Console

Improved: Load time for users in the Web Console

Fixed: Imported hard tokens with missing expiration dates cause network request failure

Fixed: Different keyboard layouts cause issues with YubiKey

Fixed: Users with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) unable to mount SharePoint folders (map network drive)

Fixed: Various bugs and improvements



Added: Support for stand-alone deployment mode and ability to install the ESA server without a need to have Active Directory Domain in place

Added: New web console for central management

Added: Support for users other than domain users

Added: New options to add additional users (for example, manual import, automatic sync, etc.)

Added: Support for multiple domains

Added: Reworked API to include new capabilities

Added: Ability to have multiple users with the same mobile number (or one mobile app) in one domain

Added: Ability to remove accounts (or tokens) directly from the mobile app UI

Added: Push Authentication for Windows 10 mobile

Added: Ability to change server port during setup

Added: Support for encrypted PSKC file format

Changed: Updated legal terms and sensitive information handling due to EU General Data Protection Regulation

Changed: Reworked and redesigned mobile enrollment

Changed: UI unification and redesign across major mobile apps

Improved: Faster offline mode detection

Fixed: Inability to download MS Office document with SharePoint integration