Component connection issues

If ESA components fail to connect to the ESA Authentication Server, adjust the connection parameters in the C:\Program Files\ESET Secure Authentication\EIP.Core.WindowsService.exe.config file.

EsaServiceIdleTimeout: How long to leave connections opened

Default value: Two minutes

EsaMaxSessions: Throttling—max concurrent sessions

Default value: 100 times processor count

EsaMaxCalls: Throttling—max concurrent calls

Default value: 16 times processor count



Example of an altered EIP.Core.WindowsService.exe.config file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



    <add key="EsaServiceIdleTimeout" value="00:01:00" />

    <add key="EsaMaxSessions" value="100" />

    <add key="EsaMaxCalls" value="20" />



EsaServiceIdleTimeout is in the following format: hours:minutes:seconds