Post-installation steps

After you have finished installation, you should be able to:

Connect to ERA Web Console

On your local server (the machine hosting your Web Console), click Start > All Programs > ESET > ESET Remote Administrator > ESET Remote Administrator Webconsole - a login screen will open in your default web browser. If a SSL certificate warning is displayed, add the certificate exception to your web browser.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

Use a supported web browser to connect to ERA Webconsole.

Read startup wizard instructions

Once you first log in to ERA Web Console, you should read instructions, which will give you initial overview. Click Next to proceed to the next screen. In the latest step, you can start creating installation package for your ESET endpoint product which you will deploy to the target machines. You can also deploy Agent and ESET endpoint products later at ERA Web Console.


Add your license(s)

To add a new license to ESET Remote Administrator:

1.Navigate to Admin > License Management and click Add Licenses.

2.Type or copy and paste the License key you received when you purchased your ESET security solution in the License Key field.

3.When finished, click Add licenses.

SMTP setup (optional)

To set up a SMTP server connection:

1.Navigate to Admin > Server Settings > Advanced settings.

2.In the SMTP Server section, fill in the appropriate fields.

All notifications will be sent through this SMTP server.