Differences from ERA 5.x

The table below includes descriptions of the major differences between ESET Remote Administrator version 6.x and 5.x.


Version 6.x*

Version 5.x


Web Console (browser-based)

Console (Windows application)


Server, Web Console (web interface, Java and Apache Tomcat needed on server side), Agent, Proxy, Rogue Detection Sensor, Mobile Device Connector, Apache HTTP Proxy for update caching

Server and Console (Windows program GUI)

Computer discovery

Rogue Detection Sensor locates new computers automatically

Network Search Task can be run to locate new computers

Remote installation

Once deployed to clients, the ERA Agent can facilitate installation of ESET products

Push installation task can be run to install ESET solutions on clients

Remote installation methods

Remote push installation of the ERA Agent, Live Installer scripts (delivered via email or  removable media), GPO, SCCM, standalone Deployment tool can install ESET security products together with the Agent

Remote push installation, SSH, WMI, mail delivery, WSUS, GPO, LogOn script

Support for
ESET business products version 6.x




Redesigned policy editor can force / apply flags. ERA Agent merges policies according to a group's structure. Different ways of policy merging can be applied on final client.

Tree-structured policy configuration editor


Static and Dynamic groups. One static group per device. Dynamic groups are evaluated by ERA Agent regardless of connectivity to the Server. Membership is reported to the ERA Server. Static groups are identical with access groups. Access to all objects is guided by their position in a given group.

Static and Parametric groups


Redesigned reporting kit can create custom charts containing user-selected system data. Multiple reports can be saved locally and/or delivered by e-mail in CSV or PDF formats.

Separate report set for web-based dashboard and extended customizable general report templates. Export to HTML, ZIP and PDF.


Apache HTTP Proxy acts as a transparent proxy/cache for files downloaded from ESET servers. The offline Mirror tool is available as an alternative, an offline repository can be created as well.

Mirror functionality allows for storage of updates/files locally on the ERA Server hard-disk

OS platform support

Windows, Linux, Mac and Virtual environments (ability to import a virtual appliance). Server to server replication is deprecated.

Windows only


MSSQL Express (default), MSSQL, MySQL (only MySQL supported on Linux)

ODBC-connected MSAccess (default), MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle

* All features listed may not be available in all versions of ERA 6.x. Full feature set is available in the latest version.