Deployment Tool

The ESET Remote Deployment Tool enables users to execute a bundle (all-in-one) installer package created by ERA to deploy ERA Agent remotely. The Deployment Tool is executed under normal admin privileges that should help with security errors that were occurring in ERA Servers running under Network Service or ERA Servers running as CentOS appliances.

validation-status-icon-infoNOTE: The ESET Remote Deployment Tool is dedicated to deploy ERA Agent to client computers with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To deploy the ERA Agent using this method, follow the steps below:

1.Download the Deployment Tool from ESET website.

2.Make sure all prerequisites are met.

3.Run the ESET Remote Deployment Tool on client computer.

4.Select one of the following options to deploy ERA Agents:

Active Directory - You will need to provide Active Directory credentials. This option includes an export of the Active Directory structure for subsequent import to ERA or ECA.

Scan Network - You will need to provide IP ranges to scan computers in the network.

Import list - You will need to provide list of hostnames or IP addresses.

Add computers manually - You will need to provide list of hostnames or IP addresses manually.



If deployment fails, there are a number of things that might be the cause. To find out what caused ERA Agent deployment fail, read the Troubleshooting chapter.