Pull database from other server

This feature allows you to pull the ERA database from an existing ERA VA running in your infrastructure. It is supported only on the ERA Server, not on the other components (MDM, Proxy). It is convenient when upgrading your ERA VA to the latest version, or if you want to migrate your ERA VA. To perform a database pull, follow the steps below:

Deploy a new ERA VA, but do not configure it yet.

Open the VM's console and while in the main screen, press Enter on your keyboard to Enter management mode.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

Type eraadmin and press Enter twice to login.


3.Select Pull database from other server using the arrow keys and press Enter.


4.Enter the database root password on the remote ERA VA you want to pull the ERA database from (your old ERA VA). If you are only using one password on your old ERA VA, type it here.

5.Enter connection to remote ERA VA (SSH) - type the user name (root) and your old ERA VA host name or IP address in the following format: root@IPaddress or root@hostname

6.Type yes  if you are asked about the authenticity of the host, otherwise ignore this step.

7.Type the VM password of your old ERA VA and press Enter.


The message Remote ERA Server database was backed up will be displayed when backup operations are finished.


The length of time needed for backup and restore operations to complete will vary depending on the size of the database.

8.Type the VM password of your old ERA VA again. You may be asked to enter the password multiple times during the process. This depends on how long it takes to copy the database, especially if it is large.

9.Wait until the database is restored.

10. If you are performing an upgrade, after a successful ERA database pull, shut down your old ERA VA to decommission it. We recommend that you preserve your old ERA VA long enough to verify that the new instance is functioning properly, after which the old instance can be deleted.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

If you are migrating to a new server, keep your old ERA VA accessible in order for the hostname/IP address change policy to apply to all client computers. Otherwise, clients will continue to connect to your old ERA server.

A database pull can only be performed when migrating to a newer or equal version of ERA server. During the pull procedure, the database structure is updated but this process will fail when pulling to an older server (for example,  from ERA 6.4 to ERA 6.3)

11. Configure your new appliance. Your configuration will vary based on your reason for migration:

When upgrading - configure your new VA exactly the same as your previous ERA VA.

When migrating - change your configuration to suite your new domain or network properties. For example, if you've moved your ERA VA to a different network.


Make sure all data is preserved, all clients are connecting to your new server and your the ERA VA behaves the same way as the previous one.