Backup database

Backup is an absolutely vital part of a sound disaster recovery strategy. Using the Backup database feature, you'll get your ERA database backed up and stored in MySQL backup file named era-backup.sql located in the root folder.


An alternative to database backup is to create snapshots of the VM. It will preserve whole ERA VA, all it's settings as well as ERA database. However, if you restore a snapshot of your VM, you need to run Reset after snapshot revert.

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We recommend you to backup your ERA database frequently and save the backup file on an external storage. This is important because you'll have a copy of the whole ERA database stored elsewhere (not locally on your ERA VA) should a disaster happen. For example in case your ERA VA gets broken, deleted or otherwise destroyed. Having a recent ERA database backup, you'll be able to restore ERA VA to the same state it was in not long before the disaster. For detailed procedure see ERA VA disaster recovery.

1.Enter management mode by typing your password and pressing Enter twice. Select Backup database using the arrow keys and then press Enter.


2.You will be prompted to type in your database root password before the database backup can begin.


If you do not remember database root password, you can change it and run the database backup again.


This process can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours depending on the size of your database.


Always check screen for errors. If there are error messages, the database backup cannot be considered successfully completed. Try running Backup database again.

You'll find the database backup here: /root/era-backup.sql

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Download the backup file using Webmin File manager to a safe location.