ERA MDM Appliance

This is the configuration page for the ERA MDM Appliance. Configuration consists of two sections, Application and Networking properties. Fill-in all mandatory fields (marked in red). You can specify other optional configuration parameters if necessary.


This ERA Virtual Appliance type runs ERA MDM on a dedicated VM. Suitable for enterprise sized networks, but can be also used for small business.

Mandatory configuration fields for ERA MDM Appliance:

Hostname - type hostname for your ERA MDM Appliance.

Password - this password is important because it will be used in the VM and ERA database.

ERA Server Hostname - type in the ERA Server hostname or IP address, so that ERA MDM can connect to ERA Server.

Optional configuration fields for ERA MDM Appliance:

Web Console Username - specify user name which will be used by Web Console to connect to the ERA Server.

Web Console Password - type in password used by Web Console to connect to the ERA Server.


Review the configuration parameters. Make sure the configuration is correct because additional configuration changes are not possible. Click Submit when you are finished making changes.

After you click Submit, the following notification will be displayed:



Do not refresh this page in your web browser, close the tab and go to your ERA VA console window.

Your ERA Virtual Appliance console window will display its status information. You'll find ERA component versions as well as ERA MDM hostname, IP address and port number. You'll also find MDM enrollment address in format https://[hostname]:9980 and https://[IP address]:9980.


Enter displayed MDM enrollment address (as shown above) into your web browser to confirm the Mobile Device Connector is running correctly. Your hostname and IP address will most likely be different, those shown above are for illustration only. If the deployment was successful, you'll see following message: