SysInspector log viewer

Using SysInspector log viewer, you can view logs from SysInspector after it is run on a client computer. You can also open SysInspector logs directly from a SysInspector Log Request task after it has been successfully executed.


To do so, follow the steps below:

1.Add a New Dashboard. Click one of the tiles and a pop-up screen with report templates will be displayed.

2.Go to Reports, navigate to the Automation category, select the SysInspector snapshot history in last 30 days template from the list and then click Generate now. The report will be generated and you can review the output data.

3.Select a computer in a Static or Dynamic Group and click icon_detailsDetails, click the SysInspector tab and then click icon_sysinspector_default Open SysInspector log Viewer.